The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) wants more money so that it can provide more up-to-date inflation figures.

A Senate committee has slammed government efforts at digital transformation.

Australian water-sensing technology is now in orbit.

University of Melbourne scientists have set a world record in simulating quantum power on a classical computer.

Australian engineers have developed a faster and more accurate way for robots to grasp objects.

Reports say HealthEngine - Australia’s largest online doctor booking service – has funnelled users' private medical information to law firms.

NBN Co is looking at a new pricing regime that could see internet access in the bush attract higher charges.

Telstra has announced it will reduce its workforce by 8,000 employees and contractors.

A bidding war is raging between Disney and Comcast over who will buy 21st Century Fox.

NSW school students could soon regress to the days of Nokia bricks, playing Snake and monophonic ringtones.

CSIRO wants all Australians to join its new energy research project.

Apple has been fined $9 million for making false or misleading representations about faulty iPhones and iPads.

Authorities say it may one day be illegal to use a mobile phone while crossing the road.

Defence is struggling to deal with its outsourced IT service providers making undocumented changes.

The NSW Government is spending $880 million to digitise the state’s train signal system.

The Department of Social Services is preparing to ‘hyperconverge’ its infrastructure.

An Australian expert has outlined a vision for healthcare of the future.

The Federal Government says it will help build undersea data cables for the Solomon Islands, thwarting a big Chinese firm’s plans.

A new investigation into Centrelink’s robo-debt recovery program has been announced this week.

Australian researchers have created a laser that can “smell” different gases.

Researchers are working to make fuel out of carbon dioxide pulled from the sky.

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