Researchers are working on ‘smart’ machine components that alert users when they are damaged or worn.

The AFP is working on software to prevent staff being exposed to distressing digital evidence.

Huawei says China will be involved in Australia’s 5G network regardless of potential government bans.

The Defence Department wants help to develop cyber solutions for national security issues.

A Senate inquiry has heard Australian drivers could pay the price for inaction on electric vehicles.

Nuclear fuel rods that have underpinned Australia’s high-tech research and medicine are on their way to France.

Australian researchers have made an AI-powered mirror that can assess a person’s mood.

Fairfax and Nine have announced a $4 billion merger that is being seen a blow to the standards of Australian media.

A new app should help conservationists track marine debris and litter items back to their source.

A new virtual reality program developed in WA takes students on an immersive journey through the cells of plants.

Facebook has suspended Boston-based analytics firm Crimson Hexagon from accessing users’ data.

The federal health department will halt a scheme that has paid over $600,000 to popular Instagram users.

Politicians appear to be turning against the My Health Record scheme, something both major parties have backed in the past.

Leaders of the tech world have signed a global pledge against autonomous weapons.

Google has received a record $6.85 billion antitrust fine for the way it pushes its Android operating system.

Astronomers in Western Australia are working on a passive radar to monitor objects in space.

CSIRO says a battery recycling industry could tackle Australia’s annual 3,300 tonnes of lithium-ion battery waste.

Scientists at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have created floating probes that can measure flood water.

Tech firm Unisys has lost one of the Federal Government’s longest running outsourcing arrangements.

Researchers have analysed millions of Medicare claims to gain insights into Australian general practice.

A three-month window for people to opt out of the My Health Record system opens today.

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