The Federal Government has admitted its robodebt scheme was unlawful, as it settles a legal challenge.

Uber has lost its London operating licence over a “pattern of failures” on safety and security.

Nursing students may soon face a barrage of insults and belligerence from a VR simulation of an angry patient.

A new study could douse fears of a looming superhuman future.

Telstra's attempt to upgrade 770,000 NBN customers to higher speed plans for free has partially backfired.

The Victorian Government has put up funds to support a breakthrough 3D-printing technology.

Telstra has made a series of pledges after it was found to have ripped off remote customers.

For years scientists have operated on the assumption that the universe is works under four fundamental forces ...

Westpac is facing big fines over ‘serious and systemic’ anti-money laundering breaches, according to AUSTRAC.

The Federal Government is putting key parts of its robodebt scheme on hold.

New recordings show the Earth singing a strange song when the Sun is having bad weather.

A new report shows federal government cyber resilience is almost unchanged in the last three years.

Sci-fi-style holograms are one step closer, with exciting developments from Japanese researchers.

Media bosses have met to discuss press freedom laws with the Morrison government in Canberra.

A building that will house the world's largest tokamak fusion reactor is now complete.

New rules hope to shine a spotlight on foreign interference at universities.

A senior DFAT worker is being investigated for her links to animal activist groups.

An IT expert says the NSW online voting system is flawed.

Astronomers have spotted an ultrafast star travelling at 6 million km/h for the last five million years.

The ACCC is appealing a federal court decision on TPG prepayments.

The communications watchdog wants to block a string of illegal gambling websites.

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