The Australian Tax Office has ended a longstanding tax dispute with tech giant Google.

A joint letter from over 100 doctors urges Australia to protect imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The market power of Facebook and Google will soon be subject to a digital code of conduct.

A major Australian spy agency will soon be run by a woman for the first time.

A new touch-screen therapy tool could accelerate the recovery of patients who have suffered a stroke.

Victoria Police says it has completed a rollout of 9,000 body-worn cameras.

Federal MP Andrew Wilkie and Reverend Tim Costello want a royal commission into gambling and sports betting.

Edith Cowan University (ECU) has constructed what could be the world's largest periodic table.

International researchers have embedded plans for a 3D-printed bunny in synthetic DNA.

Experts have created a high spatial resolution atlas that maps the environmental characteristics of all the globe’s rivers and catchments.

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese has taken a swing at social media giants.

A new review has called for the hiring of more LGBTQ and disabled astronomers.

An emotion-sensing robot is being sent to the International Space Station to aid astronauts' mental health.

Uber has revealed it received more than 3,000 reports of sexual assault in the United States last year.

A cyber security expert says organisations face new issues from the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace.

New technology is allowing humans to see the world through the eyes of animals.

Researchers have built artificial neurons on silicon chips that can mimic the electrical responses of real, biological neurons.

An Australian researcher has been honoured for his work on solid materials made almost entirely out of holes.

Two hacks on the ACT Government show a “lack of awareness”, according to one security expert.

CSIRO has developed a new tool that harnesses AI and Twitter for early detection of disease outbreaks.

CSIRO has outlined five key opportunities for hydrogen industry growth.

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