Questions have been asked about the ability of Australia’s new space agency to create jobs.

A blockchain program created for Queensland councils has won an industry award.

Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo has complimented the AFP for its raid on journalist Annika Smethurst.

Research engineers have used laser printing technology to produce waterproof e-textiles in minutes.

The ABS may re-examine how long it keeps Census names, addresses and other data.

The Federal Government has announced it will look at ISP-level site-blocking of ‘dangerous material’.

A data breach involving PayID records has put the personal banking information of tens of thousands of Australians at risk.

Researchers have turned living cells into computers, using DNA for information processing and storage.

Darwin council has promised not to use facial recognition technology on its new CCTV cameras.

Top statistician David Kalisch has announced he is leaving the ABS.

Australia's Defence Force wants to install technology in Antarctica, but the Antarctic Treaty explicitly bans military activity.

Australian scientists may have been the first to witness the end of a neutron star as it was engulfed by a black hole.

Australian researchers have found a simple way to unlock the nanoscale world on standard biology lab equipment.

Victoria Police has launched a mobile app to help assess risk in family violence matters.

Japanese researchers have built a robotic tail to keep elderly people from falling over.

Lawyers fear Australia could be more open to hacks and leaks after a recent High Court ruling.

New research suggests frequent social media may be harming teen girls' mental health.

NBN chief Stephen Rue denies the national network is a “cut-price lemon”.

An Australian app is helping farmers crowdsource water during India’s water crisis.

Australia is spending $3 billion on new weapons and body armour for special forces soldiers.

An online drug company has been hit with a $10 million fine for its expensive ‘wonder drugs’.

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