Four academics share the 2020 PM's Prize for Science for their contributions to the detection of gravitational waves.

The National Archives is looking to use a $3 million investment to save 30,000 audiovisual records.

Australian quantum theorists have shown how to thwart limits on the coherence of lasers.

Scientists have found clear evidence for water on the Moon.

A new Australian invention should make it easier to find ‘new Earths’.

The latest national digital inclusion report shows many groups continue to miss out on the benefits of being online.

Australian experts are looking at new materials that could guide the future of low-energy data storage.

NBN Co has defended spending millions of dollars on executive bonuses amid a severe economic depression.

Experts are working on ‘virtual hospital’ treatment methods.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre says its new supercomputer will be 30 times more powerful than its predecessors.

The AFP and Attorney-General’s department have this week launched the Bribery Prevention Network ...

An astounding feat of science and engineering has occurred in space this week ...

Nokia is planning to bring mobile coverage to the Moon, building a 4G comms system at a future lunar base.

Australian intelligence agencies will soon launch their own satellite.

Queensland researchers are working on technology to restore damaged bones.

NBN Co and CSIRO have joined forces for new projects.

Queensland Health payroll problems have seen staff overpaid by nearly $110 million in recent years.

NASA has commissioned Australian researchers to develop software to analyse scientific data from Mars.

TPG has called for an end to NBN ‘protectionism’.

Mike Pezzullo says national security threats require deeper links between governments and the governed.

Experts are looking beyond binary for the next generation of multi-state memory.

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