Astronomers have recorded the biggest explosion ever seen in the universe.

New changes will require welfare recipients to report income as it appears on a payslip rather than estimating a figure.

Labor wants Australia's intelligence and security agencies to be more closely monitored.

Australian engineers have secured patents for a new kind of fusion energy generator.

Engineers have created a soft-fingered robot to gently handle jellyfish.

An artificial intelligence system has identified a powerful new drug for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

NAB has scrapped plans to introduce facial recognition ATMs.

NBN Co has seen a rise in the take-up of 250Mbps plans after a recent price cut.

Barclays Bank has scrapped an internal tracking system that monitored when staff while they worked.

The Australian Securities Exchange will soon launch a new technology index.

The new Australian Space Agency launched this week.

Queensland researchers are working on solar power technology that can be used as a flexible ‘skin’ over hard surfaces.

The Federal Court has dismissed a case about the validity of police warrants used to raid media outlets.

Chinese scientists have transmitted information between two entangled clouds of atoms 50 kilometres apart.

An official report shows users on the NBN’s most expensive plans are suffering the biggest dips in speed ...

Engineers have solved a key flaw in solar panels after 40 years of research.

New research has revealed what appears to be a ‘switch’ that controls consciousness in the brain.

The Federal Government has passed laws to extend the fintech regulatory sandbox.

The Federal Court has given the green light to a proposed merger of TPG and Vodafone.

A leaked report describes Federal Parliament’s cyber security as being of a “low level of maturity”.

Quantum engineers have created artificial atoms to improve the stability of quantum computing.

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