Scientists have developed a new method of detecting patches of floating plastic based on satellite images.

Experts are working on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Federal Government has launched its COVIDSafe tracking app, but has not provided the source code as promised.

Facebook is investing $9 billion in an Indian digital firm.

Engineers have developed a way to incorporate electronic sensors into stretchy fabrics, allowing clothes to monitor vital signs.

WA Police has deployed a mobile tracking app to locate officers in real-time.

Australian astronomers have been awarded more than 20 million hours of supercomputing time to study the influence of supermassive black holes on their host galaxies.

Malcolm Turnbull's publishers have reached a settlement after a PMO worker shared pirated copies of his memoir.

Experts are looking at ways to store energy in the twisted threads of diamond.

The AFP has admitted its interest in the facial recognition tool Clearview AI.

The Federal Government wants a mandatory code of conduct for deals between tech giants and news media companies.

The Federal Government is attempting to calm privacy fears over its new contact tracing app.

Tax relief and government grants have been set up for struggling media outlets.

The University of Canberra has created a new program to help smooth the sudden transition to a virtual campus.

Westpac has revealed it expects to see a $900 million penalty for breaching money laundering laws.

The High Court has found that a search warrant used by the AFP to raid journalist Annika Smethurst was invalid.

A new study has examined the propagation of energy as sound waves in a quantum gas.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) says it has mounted offensive operations against local cybercriminals.

NBN Co has begun to test the feasibility of mmWave for future fixed wireless systems.

An online driver training course has been shown to reduce speeding and improve driving ability.

A literal “trick of the light” has been used to detect imperfections in next-gen solar cells.

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