A relatively simple ICT issue has emerged as a major problem in Australia bushfire response.

Regulators are building a system to allow Australians more access to and power over their data.

EB Games will refund consumers over faults with the online video game Fallout 76.

More than seven million Australian consumers are now connected to the NBN.

Regulators want to even up an imbalance between news organisations and tech giants.

Fraudsters are targeting new measures that allow people early access to their superannuation.

The Attorney General has conceded that all Centrelink debts raised using income averaging are unlawful ...

Astronomers have solved a mystery of ‘missing matter’, which was considered an embarrassment to the field before.

Reports say Australian security officials are glad to see the UK question Chinese telco Huawei.

Deloitte has secured a $9.5 million deal to work on a replacement for myGov.

An international research team has created an artificial eye which mimics the shape and composition of the human retina.

A federal agency has admitted MyHealth records have been targeted by hackers.

The Federal Government claims to have “comprehensively disrupted” scammers pretending to be from the ATO.

The erosion of human rights in Australia is being held back by a parliamentary committee.

Australian researchers have developed a self-repairing rubber made entirely from waste materials.

A new app allows workers in NSW to anonymously report workplace health and safety issues.

Centrelink will soon issue hundreds of thousands of notices for a class action against its ‘Robodebt’ scheme.

International reports say a cyber spy group tried to install a backdoor in the Western Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet’s computers.

States are coming together to create a national face-matching database.

Google has paid more Australian tax than previous years, but still exploits a Singapore loophole.

Australian researchers are working on photonic chips that have huge potential for the future of computers and telecommunications.

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