Regulators have suggested new measures to reduce Google’s dominance among search engines.

CSIRO and Commonwealth Bank have launched a joint project to protect the finance sector against climate change.

Parliament has moved to roll out new message authentication.

Australian company directors have been ordered to create digital IDs to help tackle illegal phoenix activity.

A new program could allow people to explore single cells in virtual reality for less than $10.

Facebook has announced it is changing its name to ‘Meta’.

WA’s first homegrown spacecraft has made contact with Earth.

The Federal Government wants social media companies to obtain parental permission before creating accounts for kids.

High-tech Australian devices have revealed the ‘hidden half’ of grain.

Experts have launched a calculator to help people understand their risk factors for COVID-19 infection and vaccination.

A citizen science project is looking at Facebook’s use of ‘dark ads’.

The Federal Government is assisting Telstra's acquisition of Digicel Pacific.

Experts have looked at the drivers of the last 10,000 years of military technology development.

A senate inquiry says reforms should be made to encourage digital and crypto-asset businesses in Australia.

Two former TAFE NSW execs have been labelled corrupt.

A parliamentary committee has found that overreliance on outsourcing is reducing the quality of public services.

An industry body says there is a national shortage of groundwater experts.

Running shoes have inspired a new material to protect buildings from impacts.

A Queensland researcher has come up with an algorithm to hunt down money launderers.

Microsoft has announced plans to shut down LinkedIn in China.

Australians have been warned about complacency over rapid growth in digital surveillance.

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