The personal details of around 80,000 South Australian public sector workers have been accessed in a cyber attack.

Korean scientists have built a robotic hand so dextrous it can use scissors and tweezers.

Australians have assisted in the most challenging tests yet of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Australia, Japan and the United States will jointly fund a new undersea cable to three Pacific countries.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has suffered a ‘mini-stroke’ while facing extradition to the US.

Queensland researchers are investigating the rising plague of sports betting apps.

NBN Co says it will run on renewable energy by the end of 2025.

Official stats show Australians are paying for higher broadband speeds and more mobile data.

CSIRO is helping boost the profits of Australia’s biggest companies.

The Fair Work Commission has ruled that an employee dismissal for workplace injury was unfair.

A new union is being created for the Australian video games industry.

Experts are working with artificial intelligence to develop fundamentally new problem-solving techniques.

The Federal Government is considering giving new surveillance powers to the ATO, Border Force and others.

CSIRO says it is reimagining the concept of intelligence by bringing together the best of human and machine thinking.

Authorities in WA are putting together a new power station made of the various assets of over 500 consumers.

Satellite data has raised some questions about official methane figures.

New research could help protect children from potential predators.

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