The SA Liberal Government has been criticised for funnelling web traffic through its own data-harvesting platform.

A major property-listing business wants to become a mortgage broker.

High-tech analysis has been applied to some of the oldest artworks in the world.

NSW authorities have slammed major food delivery platforms for ignoring worker safety.

Funding has been granted for a system to provide solar energy on dark parts of the Moon.

Official NBN speed stats have been released.

Developers say that a high-tech ICU monitoring tool saved lives in Victoria’s COVID-19 second wave.

The Federal Government has revealed that its COVIDSafe app costs at least $100,000 a month to operate.

Experts are working on a ‘defence-grade cybersecure’ battery management system.

New research shows video gamers can significantly improve their esport skills by training for just 10 minutes a day.

Channel Nine’s live broadcasts were disrupted by a cyber attack over the weekend.

Australian PC sales increased by almost 12 per cent in 2020.

An audit has labelled the state department Service Victoria a “missed opportunity”.

Australian authorities have launched a high-tech set of tiny satellites.

The ANAO has revealed several federal departments are relying on “ad hoc” cyber security systems.

The US Army has funded a new fleet of nanosized, foldable robots.

The RAAF has completed the first test flight of an Australian-designed military drone; the Loyal Wingman.

Melbourne's Eastern Health has been hit with “significant impacts” from a cyber attack last week.

The NSW Government has named the members of its inaugural AI committee.

Researchers are working on new treatments for video game addictions.

Some high-tech research projects have been granted access to Australia’s top supercomputer.

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