The National Archives of Australia has been granted $67.7 million in urgent federal funding.

Experts are using AI to improve premature baby care.

The US has released a report on Pentagon-documented UFOs, while Australia says it is not looking for aliens.

The communications minister has been accused of being unusually involved with Australia Post.

Virgin Galactic has gained US government approval to launch customers into space.

Astronomers are looking for the best locations for alien civilisations to detect human life on Earth.

ASX CEO Dominic Stevens says the exchange is working on the world's richest blockchain.

Warren Buffett has announced he is resigning from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but will donate another US$4.1 billion.

A lifeline has been extended for the community TV stations Channel 31 and Channel 44.

Japanese researchers have developed high-tech earmuffs that can measure blood alcohol concentration.

Google is searching for a new way to measure skin tones to curb bias in its products.

A big review finds many health apps are oversharing on users’ behalf.

Regulators say Australia’s big telcos are hiking up prices.

Some of Australia's biggest employers may make workers pay for their own superannuation rise.

Reports show a NSW Government department lacked the ability to check whether applications for over $1 billion in relief payments were fraudulent.

The WA Government has had to pass legislation to stop police from accessing data from the SafeWA app.

The Federal Government faces hurdles in its attempt to redirect renewable energy funds.

Satellite studies have revealed seasonal changes and sources of microplastics in the ocean.

Australia’s decryption laws have been used on a global scale, after dodgy operators were taken down by an app.

Video game giant Electronic Arts (EA) says hackers have stolen source code and other software tools from it.

A judge has labelled the illegal federal ‘Robodebt’ scheme as “a shameful chapter” in Australia’s history.

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