A new citizen science project will examine just how much influence search engines have over individuals.

NASA has backed one of the most precise tools ever built for detecting new planets outside our solar system.

An AI system has been trained to identify the billions of proteins that make up the human body.

The ACCC is examining competition and consumer concerns with big online retail marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Kogan and Catch.

Criminologists say cybercrime has been rising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts have been brought in to audit the pay regime for NBN subcontractors.

Australian engineers are working on high-tech probes for human settlement in space.

Uber breached the privacy of 1.2 million Australians in 2016, official stats show.

Virtual reality could be a powerful tool in the courtroom, experts say.

Researchers in the US are working on artificial ‘imagination’.

Australian researchers have come up with a new plasma coating technology that could replace the rare earth metal indium...

Engineers have created an air-powered computer memory that can be used to control soft robots.

The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is using Instagram as part of its annual recruitment drive.

While the COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in research and clinical trials, experts say cracks are beginning to emerge.

Australia risks falling on the unhelpful side of new European Union (EU) carbon tariffs.

NBN Co is awarding $1.1 billion in contracts to bring fibre to more premises.

Scientists have successfully converted a paralysed man’s brain waves into speech.

Victoria is setting up a new ‘innovation precinct’.

US scientists have developed an energy harvesting device that generates power from the sweat on fingertips.

Experts have reacted to the latest change in COVID-19 vaccine advice.

The World Health Organization has made new recommendations on human genome editing.

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