The Australian Federal Court has dismissed a lawsuit against Google that claimed it misled users about personal data changes.

The government appears to be firming up the defences of its major agencies in the wake of recent cyberattacks.

An EU court has ruled Google must delete false search results.

New stats show Australian consumers are paying more for NBN plans while service levels remain largely unchanged.

A new solar calculator is letting Australians forecast cost savings on panels and batteries.

Telstra has responded after accidentally publishing the details of unlisted customers online.

Elon Musk’s cybernetics company Neuralink is facing a federal probe and employee backlash over animal tests.

Australian scientists have come up with a new technique to measure time delays within a trillionth of a billionth of a second.

Scientists say AI may be the best tool for spotting a deepfake video.

The contract for the largely failed ‘COVIDsafe’ app will be scrutinised at an official inquiry.

Engineers are working on a smart watch for cows, powered by cows, to improve food safety.

Video game ‘loot boxes’ have been linked to problem gambling.

Construction of the world’s largest radio astronomy observatory, the SKA Observatory (SKAO), has begun.

A world-first data analysis platform has been launched to understand the impacts of the climate crisis on native species.

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