Experts want new laws to stop people from making vaping look cool.

New research finds that spending time playing video games may not impact wellbeing.

Elon Musk has escalated his legal fight against Twitter.

A Chinese rocket has fallen back to Earth, but NASA says it would have been nice to know where it would end up.

NBN Co says almost a third of its users are on the wrong plan.

Google has hired Australian researchers to build apps for its quantum computer.

Victoria’s privacy watchdog has found third-party information security risks at four government agencies.

Australia’s top science body has laid out the seven ‘megatrends’ it thinks will define the next 20 years.

Russia is pulling out of the International Space Station (ISS) in 2024 to focus on its own version.

Regulators are providing tools to help manage new Consumer Data Right (CDR) needs.

The Australia Space Agency’s first spacecraft has been booked for launch.

New mobile data terminals have been fitted to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service's fleet of 5,000 trucks.

Centrelink’s giant welfare payments IT overhaul is complete, after seven years and more than $1.58 billion spent.

Experts have unveiled the ‘Huntsman Telescope’: a “first of its kind” array in the Southern Hemisphere to study the faintest, most elusive clues to better understand galaxy lifecycles.

New research suggests belief in conspiracy theories may not be increasing.

The head of the ACCC says she wants to make Australia “the world's hardest target for scams”.

Experts say Australia should work on tighter drone laws for public safety and privacy.

Aboriginal language could help solve complex AI problems.

ANZ has announced it wants to buy Suncorp bank in a $4.9 billion deal.

A former CIA software engineer has been charged over the biggest theft of classified information in CIA history.

Seed-shooting drones are being used to restore native vegetation on degraded land.

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