The Australian Services Union has launched a campaign to secure a legislative "Right to Disconnect" ...

Scientists in South Korea say they have created an astounding room-temperature superconductor.

Australia has for the first time issued a major military deal to an Asian country.

Industrial action is planned at Services Australia this week.

Universities are changing their rules rather than attempting to ban AI.

Kathryn Campbell, a senior public servant embroiled in the robodebt scandal, has resigned from her job at the Department of Defence.

A whistleblower has told the US Congress that the government is hiding evidence of ‘non-human intelligence’.

A Home Affairs cyber survey has itself become a security risk.

US tech giant Microsoft has initiated another round of job cuts...

Victoria's health department has been criticised over COVID-19 data breaches.

Japanese scientists have unveiled a groundbreaking ‘4D printing’ method.

Australia’s privacy regulator is investigating the Australian Federal Police's (AFP) use of the retail surveillance platform Auror.

Authorities are testing an AI-enabled, automated microscope for rapid diagnosis.

Australia’s new anti-scam centre is getting to work.

Researchers have produced detailed maps of all the cells in human organs.

Researchers have crafted ‘origami DNA’ to control virus assembly.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is setting its sights on data broker services.

ANSTO has teamed up with local authorities to protect ancient Aboriginal rock art in Western Australia.

Australia's first-ever cybersecurity coordinator has called on companies not to fall into the ransom trap.

Despite millions spent, Australia’s new cybersecurity strategy is yet to be seen.

Senior public official Kathryn Campbell has been suspended without pay following ...

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