ASIC wants specific laws to manage AI-related risks.

Australia and the US have joined a new data access regime.

Researchers have studied what drives people to be anonymous online.

IBM has told workers to move closer to offices, or look for a new job.

In a saga equal parts farce and tragedy, a review shows the errors behind lost Howard-era cabinet documents.

A recent study advocates for the humble pen against the computer keyboard.

Optus has admitted significant underreporting of failed 000 calls during a recent outage.

In a reminder of global perils, the Doomsday Clock remains at 90 seconds to midnight.

The Federal Government has sanctioned a Russian national for his involvement in the 2022 Medibank data breach.

The Northern Territory Police Force is relying on the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to enhance its digital investigative capabilities.

Microsoft's market value ticked over the US$3 trillion mark this week.

A new camera system allows humans to see the world through an animal's eyes.

With wild weather across the country, armchair experts are attacking the Bureau of Meteorology with renewed fervour.

A new platform developed in Australia could revolutionise brain research.

Federal funding is helping to develop smart glasses for the vision impaired.

The Australian Academy of Science has endorsed the Federal Government's draft AI regulations.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) says an investigation is in progress over a potential data breach ...

Canberra's boutique firms have witnessed a remarkable surge in government contracts in the wake of recent scandals.

The Federal Government has unveiled a new draft code of conduct for suppliers.

Public servants have been surveyed about their views on digital transformation.

A new method is offering tantalising glimpses of the Universe.

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