Julian Assange has won a temporary reprieve in his ongoing extradition battle.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and Microsoft have embarked on a $5 billion threat sharing partnership.

Experts say many AI tools lack adequate safeguards to prevent mass health disinformation.

The European Commission has launched investigations against tech giants under its Digital Markets Act.

A UNreport says North Korea’s cyberattacks have brought in US$3 billion to fund nuclear weapons endeavours.

Reddit has been on a ride in the week since its stock market debut.

The United States has launched a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of using its dominant market position in the smartphone industry to suppress competition and limit choice.

Researchers say AI could help predict floods.

Concerns have been raised about how law enforcement and integrity agencies access and store telecommunications data.

Big moves in the AI world, with Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, taking over Microsoft's consumer AI division.

Aussie Broadband is fighting to access details that would allow it to keep its slice of rival Superloop.

Rumours abound of a looming Optus sale.

Popular forum-style web service Reddit has made its initial public offering.

Uber has agreed to pay almost $272 million to compensate thousands of taxi and hire car drivers.

The US Government has issued a warning about the vulnerability of water systems to cyberattacks.

The eSafety Commissioner has called on social media companies to show how they are blocking extremist material.

Queensland’s new information commissioner has been appointed.

The Albanese government is planning new legislation targeting the online harassment tactic known as ‘doxing’.

Researchers have investigated how nature dictates the top speed of animals.

New telescope observations have unearthed some mysterious ancient galaxies.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has thwarted Singapore Telecommunications' (SingTel) efforts to deduct nearly $895 million from its taxable income.

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