Researchers are growing bacteria into wires for electronics.

Australia is expanding water quality monitoring from space.

The Australian government has invested $1 billion in the US-based quantum computer startup, PsiQuantum.

A concerningly high rate of people admit to using technology to sexually harass colleagues at work.

Progress has been made on a National Firearms Register decades in the making.

The Government wants public input on a plan to expand the eSafety Commissioner’s powers.

Bitcoin’s big shift has cut rewards and shifted the mining landscape.

Top cops have asked big tech firms for more help.

One of the world’s richest people is set to test Australia's online safety laws.

Luxottica, the eyewear retailer behind OPSM, Oakley, and Sunglass Hut, has been fined over $1.5 million for spamming.

A technological breakthrough has allowed NASA to regain communication with a distant spacecraft.

Local authorities have responded to new TikTok laws in the US.

Energy supplies could be holding back the next generation of artificial intelligence services.

An international research team has recently introduced the most extensive and intricate 3D map of the universe ever produced.

AUSTRAC has been asked to investigate TikTok over money laundering concerns.

Data on the use of cranes shows the growth of local tech services.

Researchers say hackers could access computers via their graphics cards and browsers.

New South Wales has become the first state to introduce digital birth certificates.

The Albanese government has allocated $330 billion for defence spending over the next decade.

Local experts are making major steps in bringing forward the quantum age.

A new study finds Melbourne's radio wave exposure has been unchanged over the past decade.

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