First listed on: 23 January 2024

Operational Technology Officer

Operational technology officers enable ASIS to collect foreign intelligence through the design, development and application of innovative technical solutions. We employ a team of committed and creative officers from a diverse range of engineering, technical and scientific backgrounds who are responsible for developing, managing and deploying unique technical collection capabilities. Being one of ASIS's key operational streams, Operational Technology Officers must possess strong interpersonal and, ideally, cross-cultural skills, as they may need to perform these roles in overseas locations.  


ASIS Technologists are known for their flexible, innovative and creative approach to problem solving and service delivery – essential qualities given the unique nature of our work. We are always interested in meeting talented people from a range of technical and engineering backgrounds, including:  

  • Client Engagement / Business Relationship Management 
  • Business Analysis  
  • Project Management  
  • Quality Assurance  
  • Service Desk/IT Support  
  • Application Development  
  • Software development 
  • Data Science and data analysis 
  • Desktop  
  • Networks  
  • Servers and Storage  
  • Digital Risk Management  
  • Engineering (software, mechanical, electronics and RF) 
  • Electronics technicians 
  • Textiles technicians 
  • Machinists 
  • Cloud Technologies 
  • IT Security and cyber  
  • Systems integration 
  • Knowledge and information management 
  • Resource Management and procurement 
  • Strategy and Architecture 

Candidates require the following to be eligible to apply for a Technologist role: 

  • Australian citizenship; 
  • Relevant education; 
  • The ability to demonstrate our core values, in particular the highest levels of personal integrity and professionalism; 
  • Enthusiasm, excellent interpersonal skills and sound judgement; 
  • The ability to obtain and hold a high level national security clearance. 

Applications close: Monday April 1st, 2024

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