The Government has outlined new measures to control the use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in schools. 

The Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence in Schools has been officially launched, aiming to guide school communities in the safe and effective use of generative AI. With a focus on privacy, security, and safety of students, the framework mandates adherence to privacy rights, Australian law, and the avoidance of unnecessary data collection and sale.

Developed by the National AI Schools Taskforce, consisting of representatives from the Australian Government, States, Territories, AERO, AITSL, and Education Services Australia, the framework attempts to preserve teaching outcomes, human wellbeing, transparency, fairness, and accountability. 

Education Ministers unanimously endorsed the framework in October after extensive consultation with various stakeholders, including First Nations people.

Minister for Education, Jason Clare, claims the framework will be important in balancing the potential benefits and risks of generative AI, particularly regarding student privacy. 

The framework will undergo regular reviews, with $1 million allocated to Education Services Australia for establishing generative AI technology product expectations.

“We want to harness the positive impact AI can have on the way teachers teach and students learn,” says West Australian Minister for Education, Dr Tony Buti.

“AI has the potential to revolutionise education, change marking and assessments, lesson planning, even the way students provide feedback, however we must ensure it is done safely and effectively.

“While it will never replace the human touch, empathy and creativity that teachers bring to the classroom, it is a whole new world that can take the educational experience in our schools to the next level.”