Liquid Learning is delighted to present the Public Sector Digital Transformation Officers’ Summit 2017, bringing together leading IT specialists, cyber security experts and digital transformation officers to discuss how they have integrated digital into their department, how interdepartmental collaboration can enhance the user experience and how to keep the customers information safe.

Local councils are undergoing rapid and drastic changes due to government legislation, digital disruption and online mobility. Communities’ expectations are changing and digitality is becoming ingrained in daily practice. As councils look for solutions to increase efficiency and productivity internally and with their communities, innovation calls.

With 2.3 billion active social media users and 96% of undergraduate students on Facebook, the most powerful tool for current and prospective student engagement is at your fingertips. Using social media effectively will expand your market scope, increase your student recruitment and drive engagement.

Although there is an increasing number of women in the Tech & Telco space, the majority of senior leadership positions are still held by men. Female leaders looking to progress in their career still encounter cultural and systemic challenges, which impacts self-belief in their value and abilities, especially when navigating the corporate ladder. The Tech & Telco environments demand an increasingly innovative workforce and to achieve this, more diversity in the senior leadership ranks is required. Leaders must build upon their natural strengths and seek to sharpen their skill set in order to stay relevant and effective. Whether it’s moving from a technical to a strategic role, or reinforcing core leadership skills to improve performance in your current role, a commitment to ongoing development and learning must be a focus in order to reach your potential.