Cyber resilience in NSW needs “urgent attention”, according to a new report.

The UK is planning to regulate social media firms over their content removal practices.

A Japanese space capsule has landed in outback South Australia, packed with samples from a distant asteroid.

Scientists have made diamonds in a laboratory at room temperature, in a matter of minutes.

Reports say global energy giants have influenced Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Electronics retailer Kogan has been fined over claims made in a tax time promotion.

A new report says consumers have seen record broadband speeds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Services Australia is spending $19 million on new specialist ICT services.

Officials say US diplomats were hit with ‘pulsed’ energy weapons.

The Federal Government is attempting to allow police to hack into computer networks.

Researchers have created a database of electron-molecule reactions in the pursuit of nuclear fusion power.

An Australian telescope has scanned over 3 million galaxies to create a new atlas of the Universe.

A new taskforce will investigate gig economy deaths in NSW.

Researchers are trying to make barcodes about a million times smaller.

The ACCC wants input on Google’s proposed acquisition of Fitbit.

Australia’s big banks have been slammed for their lax cyber security practices.

Australian researchers say their new breakthrough could unlock body-heat powered personal devices.

The UK is setting up a new watchdog for Google, Facebook and other tech giants.

Telstra has admitted to “exploiting” remote Indigenous communities.

Victoria is spending over $2 million on a new ‘digital twin’ trial.

ANSTO has appointed one of the world’s leading plasma accelerator experts as its Leader of the Centre for Accelerator Science.

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