CSIRO has created a new way for farmers to assess their impacts on water quality.

London will soon be policed by real-time facial recognition cameras.

New microscopic sensors developed in Australia could make aircraft safer, improve the lives of diabetics and help those who rely on prosthetics.

Legal experts have criticised the Federal Government for releasing highly sensitive medical records to police ...

Australian researchers have developed an ultra-thin and ultra-flexible electronic material that can be printed and rolled.

The Department of Defence has found a new permanent chief technology officer (CTO) within its ranks.

A new independent national taskforce is tackling the significant deficit in the numbers of women studying engineering.

The NSW Government has commissioned an online service to coordinate bushfire donations for regional areas.

Scientists have 3D-printed the vocal cords of an ancient Egyptian priest.

Cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) is experiencing issues on a number of its services.

The world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope is ready to run.

Experts are pushing for more acoustic monitoring in freshwater systems.

New reports show hundreds of US police departments are using a face recognition app described as “dystopian”.

A new report finds Android apps designed to drain user’s wallets have been downloaded more than 600 million times.

Facebook has apologised for a technical error that led to a vulgar translation of the Chinese president’s name.

The Australian Government has signed a joint statement of cooperation on hydrogen fuel with Japan.

The United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) has discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft's Windows 10.

The SA Government has launched a six-month trial of an on-demand bus service.

NASA says the plume of smoke from Australia’s bushfires has encircled the planet.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-shredding technology.

New stats show NBN Co technicians missed 350 appointments a day in 2019.

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I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, Commodore-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

This week marked an astounding leap forward, scientifically speaking - taking a picture of something that cannot be seen.

Chiropractic is a surprisingly popular form of alternative medicine - so mainstream that it’s hardly ‘alternative’ and so non-scientific that it’s barely ‘medicine’.

Our cars are being programmed to kill us.

Blockchain is the programming that gives Bitcoin its value, but it could be much more than that. Blockchain could change the world.

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