An audit has found Services Australia’s ICT overhaul is seriously lagging.

TikTok has told the Australian government it will open up its source code for inspection.

Experts say food-focused phone apps can help families make healthier choices.

Chinese engineers have come up with a device that can gather energy from the breeze made by a person walking.

Paradox-free time travel is theoretically possible, according to the mathematical modelling of a prodigious student.

After several years and billions spent on an inferior NBN, the Federal Government is now planning improvements.

An audit has found that a Queensland Health IT bungle cost taxpayers $33 million to fix.

Australia's first commercial, space-capable rocket has been launched.

Authorities are working out the kinks in proposed public data-sharing laws.

A mass leak of US Government files has revealed details of global money-laundering networks.

The ACCC is standing firm against Facebook’s threat to block news content.

Australian engineers have invented a glove that simulates the sense of touch.

Tensions between Canberra and Beijing have led some to suggest Australia should have a dedicated foreign interference commissioner.

Australian researchers have won the prestigious Ig Nobel in Physics for a bizarre experiment involving a drunk worm and a subwoofer.

Americans are being blocked from downloading WeChat and TikTok.

Services Australia is taking serious cues from Service NSW – bringing in digital kiosks and other technological improvements.

Mining money has been used to create a high-tech fire-detection system for Australia.

Defence Minister says constant cyber-attacks are the “new normal”, blurring the lines between “peace and war”.

IBM Australia is back-paying over $12 million to staff.

Authorities say millions of devices vulnerable to the ‘BLURtooth’ info leak bug.

The Home Affairs boss says cyber reforms will see government systems classed as critical infrastructure.

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