The Federal Government re-announced billions in existing military spending this week.

The New South Wales government is seeking feedback on its new cyber security strategy.

Universities are working on new ways to combat students’ cheating.

A former fintech star has been engulfed in a massive misconduct case.

Australian researchers have made it possible to 3D print tailor-made heart stents...

Regulators are concerned about the amount of data Google would have access to if its buys Fitbit.

Australian tech firm Atlassian has announced plans to build the world's tallest hybrid timber tower for its new headquarters.

The Federal Government says a $10 million boost to the eSafety Commissioner’s budget will help local cyber safety.

Authorities are using weather forecasts for optimise renewable energy output.

Australian researchers have reviewed exciting new candidates for next-generation spintronics.

CSIRO and Microsoft are partnering to tackle plastic waste and illegal fishing.

Australian researchers have developed a new technique to protect consumers from being scammed through ‘voice-spoofing’ attacks.

Dodo and iPrimus are being taken to court for alleged misleading broadband speed claims.

Scammers used new technologies to rip about $630 million off Australians last year.

Scott Morrison gave a vague address about cyber-security last week, and now experts have fleshed out his message.

NBN Co has been found to have misled Canberra consumers about needing to move to the broadband network.

Chinese researchers have used quantum entanglement to send an encrypted message further than ever before.

Australia will soon be home to half of the most sensitive telescope ever.

CSIRO scientists are working to maximise every drop of irrigation water for farmers.

South Australia will be the site of Australia’s space mission control, forming the heart of the nation’s first space hub.

A new partnership aims to install specialised 3D-printers on submarines.

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