The competition regulator has issued a report on Google, Facebook and Australian news and advertising.

Labor has failed to oppose the Morrison government’s encryption bill.

A new survey has found senior public servants believe the APS is unprepared for tech advances.

Australian researchers have tested a tiny device that electrically stimulates the brain ...

CSIRO says its new satellite will help lift the veil on our extreme environment.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has finally arrived at Bennu – a lump of rock orbiting the Sun between Earth and Mars.

An international group of scientists, including Australians, has detected the most massive binary black hole merger yet witnessed.

Australians collectively owe $903 million in lay-by debts amid the rising popularity of Afterpay, Zip Pay and its various competitors.

Labor appears to be resisting the Government’s call to back its decryption bill.

A Chinese company wants to provide free satellite internet worldwide by 2026.

Commonwealth Bank has responded to a data breach that may have given staff access to customers' sensitive medical information.

Nine will cut over 100 jobs due to its takeover of Fairfax Media.

The Federal Government has put up $10 million for small business cyber security testing.

The Federal Government is keeping an important Centrelink report under wraps.

Mars has a new robot resident after a successful touchdown this week.

Australian engineers have overcome another critical technical hurdle for building a silicon-based quantum computer.

A major NBN supplier has been targeted by a $400 million class action.

An investigation has found no evidence that data was stolen in the PageUp data breach.

The Australian Academy of Science has outlined its priorities for the 2019 federal election.

Drones are being used to provide a new perspective into shark behaviour.

Australia has made its first commercial rocket launch with a craft sent skyward from rural Queensland.

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