Uber has lost its licence to operate in London.

Australian researchers have stored photonic information as an acoustic wave on a microchip.

Google News boss Richard Gingras has defended the tech giant’s dominance of global news delivery.

A new technique opens up 3D printing to thousands of metal alloys - even those that can't be welded.

South Australia is moving drivers' licences into the digital era.

NAB and CSIRO are joining forces for a project to explore ways for Australia to grow its most globally competitive industries.

The SA Government wants the state play a bigger role in the multi-billion-dollar space industry.

Progress has slowed on plans for artificial intelligence to help users navigate the NDIS.

Scientists have demonstrated self-reconfiguring modular robots that can merge, spilt and even self-heal.

The Bureau of Meteorology is setting up a new all-in-one platform.

Pathological internet addiction should be recognised as a disorder needing treatment, an Australian expert says.

The Department of Human Services has issued new Medicare numbers after it was revealed they were being sold online.

Queensland researchers have seen their work realised in the form of a 3D-printed shin bone.

A court has heard there is no big rush for Ten Network creditors to sell the ailing station.

The Government is moving to allow start-up businesses to crowdfund.

The Federal Government has secured the votes it needs for significant changes to Australian media law.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will soon finish its 20-year mission to explore Saturn with a dramatic dive into the planet.

A new one-stop-shop has opened for Australian medtech.

Lawyers have outlined their class action case against CommBank.

A major drone manufacturer says there is a lack of transparency in Australia’s bid to buy new lethal flying machines.

A new tool for imaging life at the nanoscale - developed in Australia - could provide new insights into the molecules involved in neuro-degenerative diseases.

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