Telstra’s full-year profit has fallen 8.4 per cent to $3.6 billion.

A new study has found tech tools can create significantly higher classroom engagement.

Reports this week link potential suppliers of equipment to Australia’s 5G network to China’s Communist Party.

A new academic effort has been created to assess the impact of artificial intelligence on ...

Australians have been given an extra month to opt-out of My Health Record.

NASA’s latest probe has begun its journey to the Sun.

Australian education officials are in a stand-off that is delaying the release of NAPLAN results.

Engineers are experimenting with phosphorus to make super-thin solar cells.

Centrelink is using private contractors to double the number of people answering calls.

Children with autism have been equipped with high-tech augmentations to help improve their social skills.

ACMA has released critical information ahead of the auction of the first 5G spectrum.

AusPost has launched a dedicated Tech Academy.

The Northern Territory says progress is being slowed by excess regional telecommunications reviews.

SA Health says thousands of children's medical test results have been publicly available online for over a decade.

Queensland police have been accused of failing to have adequate measures to prevent officers wrongfully accessing private personal data.

New trials of a high-tech pill have found it can be hugely successful at diagnosing gut disorders.

The Federal Government is amending its e-health legislation after intense public outcry.

Researchers are working on ‘smart’ machine components that alert users when they are damaged or worn.

Nuclear fuel rods that have underpinned Australia’s high-tech research and medicine are on their way to France.

The AFP is working on software to prevent staff being exposed to distressing digital evidence.

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