High-tech methods have been used to improve centuries-old clockwork mechanisms.

IBM is allowing cloud access to its 20-qubit quantum computer.

The ACCC is concerned that enhanced used of data analysis could lead to e-collusion.

NSW Labor wants state government agencies to report any data breaches.

WA households are testing a new app that allows people to monitor their power consumption and pay their bills.

Trade ministers from 11 Pacific Rim countries have announced an agreement on a rebadged Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Union members at the Bureau of Meteorology are planning rolling strikes.

A new research collaboration has been launched to develop the next generation of sensitive, portable disease and drugs tests.

A major piece of Australian astronomical research infrastructure is now ten times more powerful.

Major telcos are offering compensation to tens of thousands of customers for slow NBN speeds.

Experts say the very idea of schooling needs to change to face the AI revolution.

A former head of Britain's MI5 cracking down on online encryption could lead to more illicit hacking.

Researchers are looking decades down the line for later-than-next-generation power sources.

Researchers have developed a flexible material that generates electricity when stressed ...

Engineers have come up with a way to 3D-print stainless steel.

Geoscience Australia is training computers to find hidden resources.

An ever-growing pile of complaints has led the ACCC to announce a public inquiry into the standard of the NBN’s wholesale service.

A new spin-off company from the University of Sydney is seeking new ways to stabilise quantum technologies.

A contractor has mistakenly posted personal details of almost 50,000 Australians online.

TPG has been fined for spamming customers.

Particle physicists have unlocked an intriguing ancient Egyptian secret.

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