Some of Australia’s most advanced technology has been used to survey groundwater in NSW.

NASA has launched a test mission to defend planet Earth.

The Morrison Government says it will ‘unmask’ anonymous internet users.

The ACCC says over three-quarters of NBN customers are now connected on high speed services.

A new facility has been created to provide standardised testing of robotics.

NBN Co and CSIRO have issued a report on Australia’s big ‘work-from-home’ experiment.

Federal police have already begun taking over social media accounts.

Regulators say they will not stop the merger of two major anti-plagiarism firms.

Researchers have discovered magnetic order in quasicrystals.

A new research centre in South Australia says it will use AI to improve a range of industries.

Australian researchers have come up with a new, simple way to grow an army of tiny carbon nanotubes.

Chinese authorities say crypto mining could jeopardise efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

The Federal Government says its new guidelines will strengthen Australia's university sector to withstand foreign interference.

New research finds that for children, not all forms of screen time are made equal.

The Federal Government is pushing new principles for private companies to secure critical technologies ...

The Prime Minister says the AUKUS deal will also be used to share cutting edge technology.

Rolls-Royce says it has the funding to develop mini nuclear reactors, and is encouraging Australia to get involved.

Australian engineers have used special metals to construct pumps with no moving parts.

Experts say a skills shortage could put the government’s cyber strategy at risk.

The Federal Government says it wants to secure critical technology supply chains.

Covering buildings in solar panels could see Melbourne generate almost all the energy it needs.

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