One in 10 people with a Medicare card have opted-out of the new My Health Record digital health system.

A special data ethics committee has been set up to advise the Queensland local government sector.

Engineers have demonstrated a new approach for converting ordinary laser light into quantum light.

Fortescue has defended its autonomous system after trucks collided in WA.

Computer networks of the major political parties were affected by a recent hack.

Telstra says profits are down as the NBN takes away its wholesale fixed-line customers.

Some big names in Australian tech have called for urgent changes to controversial anti-encryption laws.

A British study has found no link between violent video games and players behaving violently themselves.

Queensland researchers are teaching robot drivers to work with human roads.

More details have emerged about the Queensland Government’s flawed Lady Cilento Children's Hospital name change poll.

NASA's Opportunity rover mission is at an end after almost 15 years exploring the surface of Mars.

A new US Government report warns China and Russia are both developing space-based weapons.

The ACCC has found the NBN is underserving one in 10 of its customers.

Authorities are scrambling to investigate an apparent hack on the federal parliament’s computer network.

The Government has put up $10 million to improve the tools to keep Australian children safe online.

Optus has been fined $10 million for misleading customers over digital purchases.

Obtaining a passport using only facial recognition could soon be a reality.

Work is nearly complete on a transformative telecoms cable from Singapore to Christmas Island.

A former AMP contractor has pleaded guilty to illegally access of personal details of customers.

New research has produced a more accurate map of our galaxy and revealed its true shape – warped and twisted.

The ALP may write down the value of the NBN to make access more affordable.

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