Queensland researchers are trying to save Amazon billions of dollars.

Optus has launched a $1 billion effort to improve regional coverage.

Researchers have encoded a GIF in DNA.

The big telcos will not guarantee that customers’ speeds on the National Broadband Network.

The Prime Minister’s cyber security adviser has been picked to lead a new Cyber Security Centre.

International security forces have brought down two big dark web marketplaces.

A local tech firm has threatened sue Brisbane City Council over a contract dispute.

The Federal Government has given Foxtel $30 million for more sports coverage, but has not explained how it was chosen or why.

Experts have outlined what could be an important way for sensitive data to be processed on quantum computers.

The Federal Government has launched legislation for cyber abilities that may not be possible.

New ideas, business opportunities and career connections have been brewed at the world's biggest female hackathon in Melbourne.

The AMA is sceptical about the rise of online doctors and health services.

Engineers in the US have invented gloves that can translate sign language into text.

The Federal Government has announced a review that could lead to the creation of an Australian space agency.

Work on the Defence department’s billion-dollar new data centre capability has been set back.

Research suggests commercial brain training apps mostly just improve the ability to play brain training apps.

Australian company Energy Renaissance has announced plans to build a giant battery factory in Darwin.

The AEC is working to protect its systems against potential election meddling.

Researchers have developed a way to detect and monitor human body language.

Telstra’s chief scientist Hugh Bradlow is retiring after 22 years at the telco.

A giant lithium ion battery will be installed in South Australia under an agreement ...

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