Melbourne Water says its digital twin is helping to predict water quality issues. 

With an accuracy rate of 75 per cent, Melbourne Water's digital twin pilot technology has been used to forecast recycled water quality up to 48 hours in advance, providing valuable insights for water management and ensuring the highest standards of water safety and quality.

ARQ Group, an AWS partner specialising in cloud, digital data, and analytics solutions, created Melbourne Water’s digital replica, or twin, to support a component of its Class A recycled water system.

The digital twin pilot technology provides real-time monitoring and analysis of various water management parameters. 

By combining historical data, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics, the digital twin can be used to forecast the quality of recycled water. 

This could enable Melbourne Water to proactively respond to potential water quality issues, ensuring the delivery of safe and reliable recycled water to its customers.

“We are thrilled to introduce our innovative digital twin technology during the pilot program, to enable us to predict recycled water quality with an impressive accuracy rate of 75 per cent,” said Blair Smith, Innovation Lead at Melbourne Water.

“The pilot provided valuable insights into twin technology capabilities and how it can be used to optimise the treatment processes to deliver high-quality recycled water to our customers and the environment.”

The digital twin technology was a valuable three-month pilot project to support Melbourne Water's ongoing efforts to optimise water management and ensure sustainability.

By continuously monitoring and analysing water quality parameters during the pilot project, Melbourne Water identified trends, detected anomalies, improved processes, and implemented corrective measures.