Information technology and telecommunications professionals are enjoying a boom in labour demand, leading to increasing rates of mobility amongst workers in the sector.


The research, conducted by recruitment and HR specialists Randstad, found that 43 per cent of those surveyed were considering leaving their current job within the next 12 months in search of a better employment deal.


The research involved more than 3,000 Australian IT and telecommunications professionals. Randstad found that more than half of those canvassed in the survey had been with their current employer for less than a year, while also finding that lack of career growth prospects (36 per cent) and an uncompetitive salary (19 per cent) were the main contributing factors to IT&T professionals considering leaving their current role. 


Richard Talbot, Randstad Solutions’ director of information technology, said the findings show an underlying skills shortage in the area.


“Often, in technology, this means companies are forced into hiring more IT contractors to fill the skills gaps and more of the ‘top IT talent’ that employers are very keen not to lose from permanent positions are tempted into moving into  well-paid contracting roles. This can lead to pressure on technology project costs which can ultimately have a negative impact on bottom line performance,” Mr Talbot said.


Mr Talbot said that recent high profile IT infrastructure spending, such as the National Broadband Network, and increased public interest in cloud computing would continue to put pressure on demand for IT&T professionals.