The German Press have accused the United States of alarming levels of cyber-spying on European offices and computer networks, as more information about the scale of the US internet spying network comes to light.

Allegations made by Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine relate to a secret document allegedly stolen by fugitive Edward Snowden, who has leaked thousands of files and information exposing the United States’ incredible global electronic spying regime.

Der Spiegel claims to have documents outlining US National Security Agency phone-bugging operations and internal computer network monitoring. The man responsible for much of this information, Edward Snowden, has reportedly fled from Hong Kong to Russia where he is holed up at the Moscow Airport, waiting on a request for asylum with Ecuador.

Recent reports have indicated some of this kind of data has been shared with Australian security authorities on previous occasions, This revelation adds to the mounting concerns about the depth, ethics and employment by the United States of internet and mobile-phone monitoring and data collation.