Fox is becoming even more of a family affair. 

With each new engineering project it appears more likely the high-tech future will be based on Nature’s designs.

Smartboards are becoming universal in modern classrooms, much to the curmudgeon’s dismay, and an important research project has taken a look at whether or not the high-tech teaching tool actually helps.

The merger of some of Australia’s finest minds could see close to 200 of them unemployed.

A new survey says more people are looking online for cheap prices on drugs like ecstasy and cocaine.

Elon Musk says electric utilities should buy his battery systems or be put out of business by them.

Australian researchers are working on a way to use macadamia nuts as a 3D-printing medium.

WikiLeaks has released more information on Australia’s secret trade dealings.

One of the US military’s futuristic creations has become untethered.

The Queensland Transport Minister appears to have taken a hard line in dealing with Uber, asking the company to shut down before she would speak to them.

WA’s RAC is looking at driverless cars as a solution to Perth's congestion problems.

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