NBN Co says it will launch a new commercial service in 2022.

The new service is aimed at connected systems in smart buildings - both individual homes and commercial facilities.

NBN Co has described its new ‘smart connect’ product as “a ‘modular’ wholesale Layer 2 product to be offered to facilities management [and/or] utilities as an ancillary service”. 

‘Smart connect’ should connect “all non-broadband applications within the facility, such as intercom, metering, CCTV, health and safety alarms [and] building management systems”. 

The product is intended to launch in the third quarter of 2022.

“We are always looking at ways of continuing to evolve our products, and this is no different,” an NBN Co spokesperson has told reporters.

“The product aims to enable smart buildings and facilities by providing connectivity to in-home applications such as health and safety alarms, intercom, smart meters and building management systems on the same NBN Fibre network that delivers NBN Ethernet service.”