The media has been banned from reporting on a case that the fugitive Julian Assange calls “an embarrassing corruption scandal involving the Australian government”.

Concern is coming from several directions over possible changes to Australian internet law.

A new device is giving Australian researchers a 'Google street view' of galaxies.

Telstra is planning to cut more than 650 jobs in Australia, the latest in thousands of job losses from the local telecom in the last two years.

Researchers say they have improved the venerable lithium battery – by adding more lithium.

Some engineering companies are bucking the economic trend, taking on more people despite the end of the mining construction boom flooding the market.

Researchers say new media technologies including smart phone apps and online services are an effective way to improve the health of new mothers and their babies.

A leading energy economist says Australian electricity is changing, and the stranglehold that traditional power companies have enjoyed is beginning to weaken.

Experts in New South Wales are looking to turn one lucky Australian town into a power station.

Japan may be planning to bring sports of the future to the 2020 Olympics, with word that it will hold some robotic events.

Australian students may have broken a 26-year-old world speed record to become the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 kilometres on a single battery charge.

Certain nano-particles spin unbelievably fast when placed in water, nobody knows why, but they now know how fast.

A new material turns the sun to steam - a seemingly strange behaviour but one which could provide exciting new energy options.

The future could be defined by the rise of nanobots, hyperconductors, quantum networks and... eggplant?

Tiny organic cages could be used to extract rare, valuable and sometimes deadly gases from the air.

Next week marks the start of the football World Cup many have been waiting for.

Rumours are circulating that Australia could soon see a new tech stock hit the market.

The Federal Government has tabled its plans to enhance Australian intelligence agencies with more digital powers.

Australian space scientists will build a domestic satellite industry at the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre (AITC), now that it is complete.

Australian engineers say greater efficiency will flow from improved electric motors.

Some MPs say remotely piloted aircraft put public safety and privacy at risk, and there should be new laws to protect them.

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